Separation and Couples Mediation in Yorkshire


Mediation provides a way for people to work out practical solutions for their family following separation. Separating couples can attend mediation in order to agree arrangements for their children and the house and finances. Other family members, including grandparents, can use mediation to resolve wider issues, including issues relating to children.

In some circumstances, mediation clients will want the Court to approve agreements reached in mediation and make those agreements legally binding.


Anyone can refer themselves to mediation. Alternatively, your solicitor can refer you to mediation. In either case, a Referral Form must be completed with details of both parties to the mediation. Our Referral Form can be downloaded from our Contact page.


On receipt of a Referral Form, we shall contact both parties to invite each to attend individual assessment appointments, which last approximately 30 – 40 minutes.  If, at their individual meetings, both parties are willing to attend mediation, a joint mediation meeting will be arranged.

How Long?

We expect most of our clients to attend two or three joint mediation meetings. Some people attend more meetings and some attend fewer meetings. The aim for most people is to reach agreed proposals. Mediation is a voluntary process and ultimately people attend as many meetings as they feel are useful and necessary.


Legal Aid is still available for mediation, although it is no longer available for family solicitors except in exceptional circumstances. If you are eligible for Legal Aid, mediation will be FREE to you. If you are not eligible for Legal Aid, we will charge you privately. All charges will be explained to you at the outset. Mediation is usually a much cheaper and quicker way of resolving disputes than going to Court.